Have Time, Will Run Games


It started with a dream to embark on the wonderful world of GM’ing games for my friends. Now my weekends are filled with campaigns set in various epic settings and themes.

My name is Allan, but most of my friends call me Dave, a relic of my MMORPG days. When I’m not building websites in my day job or play Final Fantasy XIV and Switch Games, I run Tabletop RPGs for my large pool of players.

Inspired by others who want to devote time and energy towards educating other aspiring GMs and players in the nuances of the hobby, I start this blog and highlight all the lessons, tips, tricks, and strategies I’ve picked up as both GM and player through the systems I’ve played and the groups I’ve ran them with.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the reads and develop an interest in this wonderful, engaging hobby!

– GM Dave


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